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New to the San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, South Orange County area? Maybe you've been here a while but just haven't moved forward on your spiritual journey. Either way, Saint Michael's Church is a place where you can meet people just like you, get connected, and build genuine relationships with God and your neighbors. The fact is, a community of believers where each one is connected and functioning in their God given gifts is a large part of what church is about. That's why our focus is Christ centered and not on labels such as catholic or protestant.

Getting connected at Saint Michael's Church is easier than you think. People just like you; families, single parents, students, kids, business owners, people carving out careers, surfers, skaters and ball players, have all found opportunities for spiritual growth at St. Michael's Church.

Most of us began our spiritual journey exploring questions regarding Jesus Christ. Is Jesus who He says he is? If so, what does that mean for me? Once you make a decision to follow Christ, you begin a journey of growth in your relationship with God and with others. Saint Michael's Church is committed to partnering with you by providing tools that will help you move forward on your exciting spiritual adventure. Take a few moments and explore the links on this page to discover some of these tools. 

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